Your Own Health and Fitness Tour Guide

Getting healthy, strong, and reaching your goals can be intimidating. There’s a whole fitness world out there that may be unfamiliar, contradictory, and confusing to you. I work as a “health and fitness tour guide” for my clients. Like a tour guide, I let you stay in control of your goals and your journey. My job is to guide you with my knowledge, keep you safe, and bring you to the most important destinations. Like a tour guide, your input is invaluable for creating our itinerary to get to your health or fitness goal. When you work with me, you will be doing work on your body, your lifestyle, and your mindset. These 3 components create lasting change.

I have taken my own journey to the healthy lifestyle I live today. I lost over 60 pounds and created a confident, fit lifestyle where I can do all the things I want to do with my strong body. I have the professional expertise and the personal experience of getting to your health and fitness destination.

Susan ogilvie heath and fitness tour guide

Getting to Your Destination

I coach people online 1:1 or in groups of individuals with similar goals. When you work with me, we will assess your level of fitness and your current lifestyle via an initial discussion over the phone or via Skype. I consider where your starting point to be very important because I want to take you to the next step in the progression at a pace that’s safe but challenging enough. I don’t set a high bar and just expect you to jump over it because that won’t create sustainable change. If you and I feel we are a good fit, then we will make a plan to work together in a way that suits your needs and budget.

From your initial consultation, I design an exercise program that suits your abilities and lifestyle. I communicate with you to get feedback on how it is working. In addition, we work on an eating or lifestyle habit that will help you get to your health or fitness goal. A habit we practice might be eating more protein or planning your dinners. I expect frequent self-assessment on your progress or questions that you have. We do this in an online group platform for group coaching clients, with 1:1 calls and emails for 1:1 clients. Unlike a fitness class or a weekly meeting with a trainer, daily interaction will help you see whether you are making progress toward your chosen destination. It also allows us to make changes to the itinerary when something is not working. Our partnership and a group community are important for keeping momentum and motivation high.

Every 2-4 weeks, we make changes to the habit focus or the exercise program so that you can continue to make progress. These shifts may include a phone or Skype call to discuss your progress.

I am your partner in all that you are doing. I support your autonomy in making changes that work for YOU. My job is to help you work through the big picture of a healthy lifestyle in a safe manner so that you can make lasting, substantial change.

When you travel, the important moments are entirely within the journey itself. When you work on getting healthier, the same is true. You will find many benefits from investing yourself in the process of getting to your health or fitness destination.

susan ogilvie fitness coach