Why Are You Keeping That?

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A Closet Of Sizes

So it’s the time of year (hopefully!) where it’s time to swap out clothing for warmer weather items, like T-shirts, shorts, and sleeveless tops. The process of doing it at my house reminded me of a scenario I often hear about from my clients.

Some of them literally have a full spectrum of clothing sizes in their closets (and guest closets, and basements, etc.). I had one client tell me that she had sizes from 8 to 18 in her wardrobe. I have been BOTH of those sizes, and I will tell you that they are nowhere close to each other! For me, they were about 60 pounds apart from each other.

When I ask why they keep the clothing, some respond that they’re “saving” certain pieces for when they get smaller.

You know what I think? I think that’s dangerous to your motivation.

a closet of sizes
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Building a Positive Environment

If you’re working on becoming leaner or thinner, having pieces of smaller-sized clothing that don’t fit your current body as you are now is a drain on your motivation. From motivation science, we know that if you feel pressured to achieve an outcome while trying to do a task (and losing weight is one of the more difficult tasks out there), you can actually DECREASE your motivation and INCREASE your chances of quitting.

Think about it…If you keep that piece of clothing in your closet…what does it make you feel like every time you pass by it? A little wistful, angry or regretful? How is this helping you reach your goal?

So why are you keeping it?

I posted a great quote on my Instagram the other day. It said, “If you want to fly, you gotta let go of the shit that weighs you down.”

That clothing is weighing you down. Unless we are talking serious monetary investment (for real! Like Versace-level!), it’s time to think about why you are keeping that clothing.

I can also speak about this phenomenon from experience. I kept a “box” of old clothing I thought I would want when I got to “my” size. Two things happened. When I got to that size, I tried it all on and wanted NONE of it (I mean a lot of it was like 10 years old!), and also, I kept losing weight and some of it ended up too big.




Step into your present and surround yourself with the positive environment and support you will need for your journey. The past has passed. Embrace where you are now, find the love and care you want to give to yourself to make this important journey. You won’t find it from looking at old pieces of clothing. Instead, you will find strength and motivation with the help of others, whether that’s a group of friends, a family member, or a coach.

Take one action to start today. For you, that just may be taking that clothing that doesn’t fit you now and giving it away for good use.

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  1. Cleaned out my closet last week. It no longer houses sizes 4, 6, 8, or 10. It only has items that fit me right now, and that I feel good wearing. Boom! Great post!

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