Weight Loss Challenge Week 1

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If you did not sign up for the Weight Loss Challenge with Mich and I at Hamburg Fitness Center, I will share a few nuggets throughout the next 6 weeks with my readers. If you are interested in what we are doing there, then contact me to find out more!

This week, we focused on baseline measurements and assessments. Our takeway message was to make 1-2 manageable changes for the next week, with a focus on increasing vegetable, fruit, and protein intake. Participants needed to journal their food for 3 days, and that was an insightful activity for many of them. One participant said, “I knew I probably ate too much sugar, but this journal really helped me see how much I was eating.” I strongly encourage all of my clients to journal their food if weight loss or fat loss is one of their goals when they begin working with me. I believe that this reflective practice helps to build a consciousness about eating that has been somewhat lost in our “crazy busy” lifestyles, as it helps the client be more objective their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, I use it as a tool to decide what our first 2-3 goals for weight loss/fat loss will be.

Email contact with all the participants is a perk they enjoy all week long and it has been a good tool for accountability. Additionally, many have decided to continue journaling their food with MyFitnessPal, and when they “friend” me, I can see their food diaries and provide feedback via the messenger app within MyFitnessPal. It’s easy to be a trainer with the great tech tools we have on hand.

If you want a sneak peek at some of the links we have shared with our clients, we are collecting them on our Pinterest board- click on the picture for the link!

Pinterest Weight Loss Challenge Board
Pinterest Weight Loss Challenge Board

Make it a great week!  🙂 Susan

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