The SO Fit TEAM Experience was born out of many conversations with many, many women who wanted to become part of something larger than themselves. Our “Team” is the continuation of your Launch, where you worked more closely with Susan to develop your itinerary for your health and fitness journey. The wonderful thing about the TEAM is that the other members are experts too, and we are there to help and support each other!


Team stacking hands

What is the SO Fit TEAM?

The SO Fit TEAM is an online coaching group with a focus on planning, healthy habit development and community, or TEAM as we call it around here. 


  • We hold each up in community by supporting each other and being accountable to each other.
  • Achieving our goals is about the journey as much as the destination.
  • Everyone is their own expert about themselves. You “do you” best.
  • We make progress toward our goals through sustainable practices.
  • Self-assessment is a tool for viewing honest progress and creating a plan for change.


  • You have a structured planning and accountability system built in
  • Your nutritional habits will grow from good to GREAT
  • You will learn to fuel your body for optimal living and workouts
  • You’ll get stronger in smart ways
  • You’ll be part of a TEAM that supports you, gets you, and lifts you


  • Individualized nutritional strategies and guidance
  • Strength training+movement workout programming and guidance
  • Individual weekly reflection communications
  • Weekly online “Huddle” video meeting
  • Daily accountability posts inside private Team group

Should I become a part of the SO Fit TEAM?

That’s not even a question…the question is “Why SHOULDN’T you?” 

There are two main reasons you want to join the SO Fit Team Experience.

  1. You know you want to live in a body or lifestyle that you are happy about, but you’re not sure how to get there or you can’t seem to “make yourself” do it.
  2. You want accountability, planning, knowledge and support for your journey.


  • You have the ability to invest in yourself and your journey in order to make it as amazing as you can imagine it will be.
  • Our values seem agreeable or similar to yours.

Want to know more? Apply now and Susan will be in touch!