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Each section has workouts at Level A, B, C.

A is meant to be more of a beginner level workout, for those new (or new again) to exercise, or face fairly significant movement challenges. In level A, I try to give even more variations to help those who need to exercise in their chair or a small space. 

B is meant to become more of a challenge, with workouts that can be done at increasingly more technically difficult levels. 

C is very challenging and would be for those who have been consistently exercising with good form. Or if you just feel like trying to smash yourself. ;)  






These are fairly complete stand alone workouts, grouped by difficulty. Feeling bored or stuck in a rut? Try one of these workouts. They should be marked by GYM or HOME, with length of workout. If it's a home workout, you can still do it in the gym... just FYI.


These will be 5-15 minutes in length. You can use them as stand-alone workouts that will get your heart pumping, or you can use them as "finishers" at the end of a strength workout. In each conditioning piece I try to estimate difficulty and length of time.

Notes: Most workouts offer a large range of time, with the minimum time meaning the least amount it could take (minimal warmup, least amount of sets, minimal additional core work if it's called for. Maximum time could mean maximum warmup + mobility, maximum sets, cool down+ stretch). In addition, I try to add what equipment will be needed next to each workout. If there is no equipment listed, then no equipment is needed other than minimal equipment such as a chair or towel. 


Bodyweight Core Workout, 10-20 minutes
Cardio Kickbox Workout, 12-25 minutes


SHPP+C Bonus WKO 1, 25-40 minutes, Gym/ Equipment Needed: Resistance Band and Heavy Object to Pick Up



SHPP+C Bonus WKO - Full Gym, 30-50 Minutes 

SHPP+C Bonus WKO, Full GYM, 30-50 Minutes 

Notes: I try to list the length, and equipment where necessary. If no equipment is listed, then none is probably needed, other than possibly a chair or a towel. 



  • Tabata - Training Handout with Exercise Ideas- simple explanation of how to do Tabata, exercises that can be performed at different levels, and much more. Time: 4 minutes (can be repeated as many times as you want), Equipment: None (possibly a step or a weight in some of the exercises). 
  • Tabata- How to do Tabata Video- check out my video explanation as well.